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What we have to offer the Petroleum Industry...

Time: A convenient place to find qualified people.
Money: Savings in money, because we charge nothing to you or the consultants.
Quality: You deal directly with the consultants; there is no "middle-man".
Convenience: Easy contact via email or phone to the person that you are looking for.

It is hoped that this page can help you find the consultants that you are looking for.  The site lists upstream petroleum consultants, either those found on the Web or those that have created their own posting.  This webpage is free of charge to the consultants; we have no commercial interest with them, have no advertisers nor sponsors and make no recommendations.  We are volunteering this page and are in no way reimbursed.  Nevertheless, your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated, reply to [Moderator].

Employees and those looking for permanent employment can not post on this site.  Consulting firms, employment agencies, and the like can have one posting per firm.  Owners, officers, "third party representation", and employees of these firms will not be permitted "extra" postings - just one post per firm. Consultants under exclusive contract can not post.  If the firm holding the contract is a consulting firm, it may have one posting. Postings that are: unrelated to oil and gas consultants, not in keeping with the professional nature of this page, or considered in bad taste will not be permitted.  We reserve the right to refuse any posting.  To report violators click the [Report problem with posting] box next to the posting.

At the bottom of the [Consultant List] you will find options for viewing, searching and sorting the consultant list. 

You will find a bit more information in [FAQ].

Good luck in your search.

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