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This webpage is free of charge and designed for individual upstream oil and gas consultants desiring to market their services.  We are individual consultants like you and have no advertisers or sponsors.  We just wish to broaden the contact possibilities for consultants like ourselves.  It is our desire that this site appear professional and add to your ability to find consulting work.  We are volunteering this page and are in no way reimbursed.  Nevertheless your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated, [Moderator].

Employees and those looking for permanent employment can not post on this site.  Please use sites such as AAPG, if you are looking for permanent employment.   

Consulting firms, employment agencies, and the like can have one posting per firm.  Owners, officers, "third party representation", and employees of these firms will not be permitted "extra" postings - just one posting per firm. 

Consultants under exclusive contract can not post. If the firm holding the contract is a consulting firm, it may have one posting.

Postings that are unrelated to oil and gas consultants, not in keeping with the professional nature of this page, or considered in bad taste will not be permitted. We reserve the right to refuse any posting.

To report violators click the [Report problem with posting] box next to the posting.


To post on this site

To post your consulting services on this page you will need a short description/posting of your consulting services (less than 1,000 characters, about 200 words) and contact info.  The contact info can either be a "résumé" or the like in MS Word format, or a webpage that we can link to. Note: either a MS Word document or webpage link, not both. The "résumé" can be just about anything which will fit in a MS Word document of 500 KB or less and can include a logo, a picture of you, etc. It will be reviewed for appropriateness. Please do not put contact information in your description/posting. This is best put in the résumé or on your own website.

The process consists of first registering and then posting. You will receive an e-mail with an activation number. This limits spam postings and keeps this site clean for you. Once you have your activation number and enter it in STEP 2 below, you can then add your posting.

If you would like to post on this this website click the registration box below. The whole process will take about 10 minutes, if you descriptiong/posting is ready and you have a resúmé or Webpage.  If not, you can register now post later.  Your postings will be hand verified and should usually appear within 24 hours.

STEP 1: Setups a username and password, and e-mails you an activation code. After registering you will be returned here [Information for Consultants] to activate your account in STEP 2.

[Click here to register]

STEP 2: Copy your membership id and activation code from the e-mail you received and past them in the boxes below.

Membership Id:  < This is NOT your username, but a number labeled "Membership Id" that you received in the e-mail that you received.
Activation code: < This is NOT your password, but a "code" found in the e-mail.
Click "Submit" to validate your membership.  Next you will need to add your posting (read STEPs 3 & 4 now).  After clicking "Submit" you will be logged-in and taken back to the [Consultant List].

STEP 3: You will be logged-in after STEP 2, but if you leave, you will need to login again. [Login] is found at the bottom of the [Consultant List]. After logging-in [Post] (also at the bottom of [Consultant List]) will be shown. Click there to fill-in your posting. After preparing your "posting", it will be hand checked and should be viewable within 24 hours.

STEP 4: If needed, you can [EDIT] your posting.  You can modify it by logging-in (found at bottom of the [Consultant List]). After logging-in an [Edit] box will appear next to your posting allowing you to edit it. Your edits will go through the same hand verification process and will require about 24 hours until they can be viewed by the public.

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